” their music is passionate, raw, complex and soulful ”

It’s pretty hard to not be captivated when the passion between these guys is so evident. Not only do they look like they’re super into it, but they almost look like they’re rooting each other on (hey, I guess you gotta make up for a lack of members somehow, not that this band seems like they’re lacking anything). When Chillwave’s biggest critics argue the talent of one guy and his laptop it’s pretty difficult to defend two guys and two instruments.
– Which leads us to our next point, how can only two guys make you forget you’re watching only two guys? Watching lead singer Sean Wouters’ amazing footwork is enough to keep you entertained not to mention the previously written catchy vocals or instrumentals. To explain, I have yet to see anyone outside of a major city ballet troupe showcase that kind of intensity and grace. It sounds cheesy, but it’s not. And once you see, you’ll get it.

” What’s got six strings, four hands, a kit full of skins, and a fuzz box? The Deaf Poets, a two-man band from the MIA featuring guitarist-songwriter Sean Wouters and drummer Nicolas Espinosa. ”

” All is not lost, as the Deaf Poets have organized a melodic composition of pure vocal interjections, clear cut guitar mashes, and heart throbbing percussions-they are here to save music from extinction. ”

Deaf Poets are two young former shop boys with the Penchant for blues and who grew up on The Strokes, the classics, & know how to make girls dance. The two-piece may only be 8 months old, but they already put on a show as tight as their crayola-colored jeans.

– Deaf Poets is a Miami duo – Sean Wouters and Nicolas Espinosa. Wouters is the guitarist and vocalist with Espinosa on the drums. Their sound is self-described as garage-band rock mixed with 80′s punk, and they credit acts such as Elvis Costello to Nirvana to Chuck Berry to Jimi Hendrix as influences for their music. When watching Deaf Poets perform, you’ll notice that these two guys have the on-stage energy of a much larger band. On the local Miami music scene, Deaf Poets is gaining popularity quickly. Their first single, “All Your Lies,” received 1,300 plays in less than 24 hours. And, they have only been playing together for a year now. If they stay the course, they could continue to evolve as some of the best local musicians in Miami.

“Talk about a great mid-day body shaking pick-me-up”.

– The last band to take to the stage last night was up-and-comers Deaf Poets. A steady mix between steady electronic guitar riffs and a drum kit, the two-piece shifted gears between songs, morphing from punk-like screams in “This Pain” to a much softer vibe with “Cold Cold Thieves,” no doubt to help slow the pace and help show-goers relax a little after the showcase’s three and a half hour musical medley. What we found particularly cute? The way lead vocalist Sean Wouters managed to sing the majority of each song while leaning back and forth on his toes. Symbolic of how we hope Nylon felt about our music scene? We sure hope so.



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